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live & learn – Pinspired: Doodle Trend

How many times do you pin something on Pinterest and think, ” I want to try that!”  Well that is what I do here on Pinspired.  This week I am tackling the doodle trend, using Sharpies and my trusty Select Brushes.  Some call it Zentangle, which is being seen everywhere from notebooks to advertising to music videos to fine art.  I also decided to throw in the Fox trend.  We have had a ton of owls over the last few years, so I guess the Fox Says its time to embrace a new woodland creature! Here is the step-by-step. —Sonia MaraTangled Fox

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meet the artist- Thomas Allen Pauly

Born and raised in Chicago, Thomas Allen Pauly has been hooked on horse racing since the first race he attended. His award-winning equine art has portrayed some of the finest horses and jockeys in the country.

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What Does That Brush Do? Strokes!

Not all brushes have the same purpose and not all are created equal.  Brush purpose and quality depends on the type of hair, hair blend, hair construction, glue used and handle construction. A brush consists of several components.  Learning what they do is what we are all about at Willow Wolfe!  Join me for our upcoming teacher’s workshop.  $599 for one week of amazing classes that will teach you what your brush can do for you!

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