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live & learn – Arches Oil Paper

Paris39 Background Love4x6 I LOVE THIS SURFACE!!!

One of my favorite painting surfaces  is Arches Huile also known as Arches OIl Paper, formulated with a special internal barrier that prevents the acidic oil from affectingthe cotton fibers, allowingyou to paint oil on it in washes, glazes and wet-on-wet without any paper preparation.  Although formulated for oil paint, the paper thickness and texture (the texture is beautiful) also allows for the application of multiple layers of acrylic, texture and acrylic gel mediums for collage.   Here are several examples of Arches Huile being used with Acrylic Mediums, Acrylics, Collage and Oil.  The weight of the paper, texture, color and sizing allows infinite possibilities.  On several of the examples shown,  I have further aged the paper.  I love to rip the edges and whenever possible ensure that the historical Arches watermark is visible.  I used Raft Studio in Winnipeg for my framing of The Raven as their technique allows the edges of the paper to show, giving the overall appearance of a historical document more authenticity.  The most important thing to remember about paper is it is personal preference.  Experiment, play and enjoy the variety of results.1457534_10153472969015434_1812842368_nRavenPhotossmall1470376_10153472977500434_492148891_n

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